Help Dealing With Traffic Violations & DUIs

According to the State of Indiana, driving is a privilege. For most people in the state, it’s more like a necessity. So, if you have been ticketed on any traffic violation, your license to drive is at risk.

Every violation adds points to your license. Too many points within a period of time could lead to a suspended license or the revocation of your license. While some violations only cost you a few points, it you are not paying close attention to this, you could suddenly find yourself within a few points or over the limit.

More Than Three Decades Of Legal Experience

Our attorney at Chris Lenn Law Office understands the importance of maintaining your driving privileges. We know that minimizing or keeping points off your driving record altogether is the safest strategy to prevent a license suspension.

It can be easy to forget that there are a great many traffic ordinances and it is too easy to violate any number of them. Speeding? Two points. Speeding more than 16 mph over the limit? Four points. Failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign? Four points. Didn’t use a turn signal? Two points. Tailgating? Six points. Racing on the streets? Eight points. Even driving without your lights can cost two points. Add up too many of these and your license is gone.

Charged With A DUI?

Drunk driving carries a variety of severe penalties from license suspension and fines to prison time for the most severe offenses. A DUI can cost you your license and your ability to work. Our attorney may be able to help you obtain specialized driving privileges that may allow you to drive on a restricted basis.

CDL Violations?

For a commercial truck driver, any traffic violation is a serious matter. Even if you are stopped driving your personal vehicle, it can affect your commercial driver’s license (CDL). You need to speak with a lawyer anytime you have been ticketed and especially if you receive a CDL DUI. We can help protect your ability to earn a living. And ask us about an expungement if you have old convictions.

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