Gun Charges Demand A Strong Defense

Gun charges and weapons offenses carry severe penalties in Indiana. These gun offenses are often part of a complex set of charges and frequently involve other serious criminal offenses such as drug possession and trafficking, assault, felon in possession and murder. In addition, law enforcement may obtain the guns following the execution of a search warrant or during the search of a vehicle during a traffic stop.

More Than 30 Years Of Criminal Defense Experience

Your attorney needs a comprehensive understanding of Indiana criminal statutes, gun laws and Fourth Amendment constitutional jurisprudence to bring an effective defense. Our attorney at Chris Lenn Law Office has the experience gained during more than three decades of working with criminal matters. He first worked as a prosecutor and during the majority of his legal career, he has defended individuals charged with a wide variety of criminal offenses.

Gun crimes may include a failure to have a license for a handgun, pointing a gun, possession after a domestic violence conviction or engaging in illegal sales or transfers of weapons. If you have a prior conviction for a serious felony, you may face a criminal charge merely for possessing a gun.

Because of the interaction of the various laws, charges involving gun crimes can be confusing and convoluted. Our attorney has the experience to closely examine the charges, evidence, witnesses and develop an effective defense strategy to minimize the charges and potentially obtain a dismissal or reduction in some of the charges.

Remain Silent!

As with all criminal cases, you want to ask for an attorney at the earliest opportunity and then remain silent. If you have been arrested, the police believe you are guilty. Your speaking with them creates the risk of your saying something by mistake or in error that will damage your defense. Ask for an attorney and don’t talk.

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