Expungements Can Clear Your Criminal Record

The consequence of a criminal conviction are many. It can make it difficult to find a job. When employers ask if you have been convicted and you answer, “yes,” they typically stop reading. Likewise, you may have trouble finding a place to live. It can affect where you can go to school, and it may affect your eligibility for student loans or other financial assistance. Or your right to own a gun for hunting.

Expungements In Indiana

Our attorney at Chris Lenn Law Office can help you overcome this problem in many situations with an expungement. An expungement results in the sealing of records related to your case and strictly limits what those records can be used for. In most cases, expunged records may not be used by employers or creditors. Even prosecutors must have a court order if they want to review a record.

Help For Those With A Criminal Record

The expungement law was updated in 2014 and has served as a model for other states. You may now be able to expunge many charges and remove roadblocks that may have prevented you from getting a job, attending school and finding a place to live. You could obtain a DUI expungement and many other misdemeanor and felony expungements.

If you have more than one offense, whether a drug, traffic, theft or other offense on your record, you may be able to expunge all eligible convictions in a single filing. Our attorney can help you determine the availability of expungement for you charges.

This law does require that you have a clean record after the disposition of your last case, and the time periods can vary depending on the seriousness of the underlying charges. There are some violent and sexual felonies that cannot be expunged, but we can review your records and explain how we can help.

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