Why You Should Never Speak With Police

The answer to “why you should never speak with police,” is simple. Nothing good can come from it. Especially if you have done nothing wrong. If you are completely innocent, you have the most to lose. You may think, “But I have nothing to hide, so there’s no harm in just answering a few questions from the police.” In this, you are very wrong. If you are unlucky, a few comments made to the police could be the first steps on sending you to jail.

The Police Are Not Your Friends

Many times, the police will ask an individual to come down to the station and answer a few questions. Many will innocently begin talking and at some point, will realize that the questions imply they were involved in a crime. By then, it is probably too late. They have likely said things that will come back to haunt them or at the very least, greatly complicate their defense.

If They Want To Speak With You, You Are A Suspect

Remember, the police in Indiana and anywhere else for that matter, do not “just chat” with people. If they want to speak with you, no matter how innocently they present the questions, you are either a potential suspect or the suspect.

Ask For A Lawyer

There is one rule to keep in mind in these cases: Ask for a lawyer. Immediately. At Chris Lenn Law Office, our attorney can speak for you and explain why your speaking with the police is so risky. He has more than 30 years of experience with the criminal justice system and decades zealously protecting the rights of the accused.

Speaking with the police will only create opportunities for you to make mistakes or misstatements, which they will use against you to create the impression that you are lying or have something to hide.

If they are arresting you, do not attempt to “explain” or argue your way out of the arrest. Not only will it not prevent your arrest, but it will make things worse. If you keep taking, you are only providing them with more raw material to use to undermine your credibility and create an impression of guilt.

Call Us As Soon As You Can

We repeat. Ask for a lawyer. Now. We can help protect you from saying anything incriminating. We know how law enforcement works. Call our Evansville office at 812-297-5358 or use our online form. Ask for a lawyer.