The Effects Of Sex Offenses

Being charged with a sex offense is unlike many other crimes. Even an allegation of child pornography or molestation can be inflammatory. Because of the societal stigma of being charged with this category of crime, the effects of sex offenses can be far reaching and long lasting. In many cases, a conviction may leave you with a lifetime reporting obligation as a sex offender.

At the Chris Lenn Law Office, our attorney understands the heavy burden these charges carry and will work with you to develop a strong defense. This is essential, because with many sex offenses, in addition to any jail time you may receive, you will be subject to mandatory registration with the Indiana sex offender registry.

This registration requirement is complex and must be fulfilled correctly or you could be subject to arrest and incarceration for violations of the requirement. Our attorney works to provide a strong criminal defense to these types of charges.

How Long Does The Registration Requirement Last?

Depending on the offense, the registration period is either 10 years or life. This requirement also applies to those who were convicted of a sex crime out of state and move to Indiana. This registration requirement is very burdensome. You will need to register every year with the sheriff’s department in each county where you:

  • Live
  • Own property
  • Work
  • Attend school
  • Volunteer

And if you were convicted as a sexually violent predator, you must register every 90 days in each county. If you change residence, you only have 72 hours to update all of the information. If you live and work or attend school in more than one county, you can quickly see how difficult it might be to avoid being in violation of some element of the statute.

Any Mistakes Could Send You Back To Prison

In addition to registering in each county, you need to supply them with a photo, detailed physical description, your vehicle, its license plate and even information regarding your email accounts and user names.

One of the most dangerous aspects of being convicted on a sex offense is this reporting requirement once you are no longer incarcerated. The failure to register as a sex offender or simply failing to keep all of this information up-to-date and accurate places you in violation of the statute. If you are stopped for something as trivial as a traffic violation and the officer finds a discrepancy in your sex offender registration, it could send you back to jail.

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